The future of eating insects?

Year of project: 2019
Client: Nemo Science Museum



Imagine.. it's 2030 and it's perfectly normal to find a locust, mealworm or beetle on our plate. Deliciously cooked or processed into other products. With their tender structure, unique flavour, high nutritional value and varied culinary application, these delicacies have become an integral part of our diet. Now it's time to start improving their properties; after all, insects are small and a bit unattractive. That's the beginning of Insects 2.0, with more flavour and body mass but without the hard shell and wings that get stuck between your teeth. 

This scenario is still a fantasy, but the time may come when - like chickens, cows and pigs - we start to overbreed insects too. To improve the flavour, size and texture. But is that really what we want?