Made possible by | Stichting RAUM  
In collaboration with | Studio RNDR
With support of | Seppe Salari - consultant plant physiology WUR,  The Association for Vertical Farming & Sander Fraser - 3D modeling. 

Currently a 2.0 version is being developed in collaboration with Next Nature Network, Utrecht University and Studio Organism!
> Launched May 2019

The Future Food Formula is an interactive installation that allows consumers to step into the shoes of a high-tech farmer and design their personalized future vegetables without the use of GMOs
but by making smart use of technology to influence natural growing conditions. Adjust the recipe on the interface to see how your input effects the size, color, taste and nutritional value of the crop.

Photo: Chloé Rutzerveld

Photos: Bram Saeys

Photos: Bram Saeys

Photo: Bram Saeys

Photo: Bram Saeys

The world of growth-recipes
Curly cucumbers, bumpy zucchinis and forked carrots: if you have your own vegetable garden you are well aware of the peculiarities of nature. As customer of the supermarket you are less likely to come across these odd vegetables because they don’t make it to the shelf. What if you could control the factors that influence the shape, color, taste and texture of the vegetables yourself? Welcome to the world of growth-recipes! 

Hypermodern breeding cells allow farmers to enhance their crops by manually influencing growing conditions. The growth-recipe lists the exact combination of the temperature, the amount of water, CO2 and the intensity and color of light that is given to the plant. This technology allows farmers to breed perfectly shaped, purple and shiny eggplants, preferably all in the same size. But why use this technology only for efficiency reasons?  We should explore the boundaries to discover entirely new generations of crops. Each with their own unique taste, texture and shape.



Future Food Formula
Step into the shoes of a high-tech farmer and design a future veggie by creating your own growth-recipe with the Future Food Formula. How does your input effect the crop? Is it still recognizable as the eggplant we know today?  

Imagine.. it’s 2030 and every kitchen is equipped with a hightech vertical farming unit. You put a seed inside the breeding cell, download or create the growth-recipe of your liking and watch your personalized vegetable come to life. Purple or orange? Mild or extra spicy?  With increased vitamine C? Perfectly ripe just in time for Friday night dinner! The customized growth-recipes turn these vegetable fantasies into reality. Without the use of genetic modification but by making smart use of nature and scientific knowledge. 

With the Future Food Formula installation we invite you to explore the technology of growth-recipes and help us design an entirely new generation of vegetables.
Experiment, learn and fantasize about the future of our food! 

Artist-in-residence RAUM
The project is developed between June'17 and October'17 as part of my artist-in-residence at RAUM in Utrecht. RAUM is a creative place for artists, designers and architects to make things and connect Leidsche Rijn with the city of Utrecht. 


I looked into the growth processes of crops and considered their functionalities: how do crops respond to light? Or to warmth? Having obtained this information, I discovered that I was able to adjust the nutritional values of our crops, but also the taste, color, size etc. It was exciting to discover the endless possibilities to create new crops by simply using nature – and technology enabled me to cope with these factors. This is not a new thing, when modern farmers grow crops in laboratories, efficiency stands first. It’s no a coincidence if tomatoes have that specific red-warm color!.
— Interview with Ruben Baart, Next Nature Network
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Edible experience of the future crops