| From veggie to stroopwafel

A project by Chloé Rutzerveld, 2016  

Made possible by: 
Stuurgroep Landbouw Innovatie Brabant
Creative Industries Fund NL
Proverka | Agri partner, vegetable-fibre and juice
Martin Schreiber | Technical support product development
Bram Saeys | Photography


With STROOOP! Chloé Rutzerveld presents the first plant-based stroopwafel made from vegetables. 
Each waffle is made out of 100 grams of carrot, beetroot or celeriac.

STROOOP! emerged from her fascination with the natural sweetness of root vegetables. Within the project she explores innovative ways to work with vegetables by making clever use of their natural properties.

Because the characteristics are most important, the stroopwafels are made from misfits and residues of the vegetable industry. By doing so we give new life to vegetable by-products as a modern version of the typical Dutch delicacy.

The stroopwafels are entirely plant-based and a great source of dietary fiber. In addition, the waffels are free of gluten, added sugar and food-colorings. Like this, they are better for the  environment, the farmer and us! 



Click here to watch the entire mini-documentary by VPRO about STROOOP! The entire process from land, to factory, to making the waffles in my studio. 

Photo's by Maartje Strijbis