For the Week van de Smaak 2015 I was asked to make a video call for the
design competition 'Flavor of the Past' and to design a sensory future food workshop for youngsters.

Commissioned by Vol-au-vent  |  2015


Flavor of the Past
Flavor of the Past is split up in two parts. One part is a video installation in which elderly talk about their food memories based on a story suitcase with personal belongings. The second part is a design contest with the aim to improve taste perception for elderly to prevent malnutrition. Due to physical issues, reduced sense of smell and taste or loneliness, many elderly lost joy of eating with malnutrition as result.

The design contests challenges designers, food manufacturers, chefs and students to find creative solutions to bring back pleasurable eating experiences to elderly. Watch the video call I made for them, or check out their website for more information!

Food of Tomorrow
Food of Tomorrow was organized for youngsters from Belgian secondary schools to inform and inspire them about working with food and technology. Vol-au-vent asked me to design a workshop and to give a presentation about my work as food-designer combining food, technology and design. 

I designed an experimental workshop about the sensory perception of food. With the rise of more high-tech food production methods, new food products enter the market. Products like Soylent, seaweed burgers or cultured meat. Even though these products might be super efficiënt, sustainable or healthy, it’s not always easy to make consumers accept these unknown products… 

Through several experiments the youngsters could experience how important all or senses are for enjoying or accepting a certain food. They also learned how easy our senses can be manipulated, and that smell plays an unbelievably big role in our taste perception. 

Photos recipes Lionel 

Lionel Verbeke | One of the videos of The Flavor of the Past video-installation created for the Week van de Smaak 2015. Watch all video's here

 Interactive sensory food workshop developed for Week van de Smaak

Video call design competition 'The Flavor of the Past'