- raw, vegan | black & white - 

April 2016
Start: 23:30
End : 2:00
Location : Eindhoven, Strijp-S

Dresscode: black & white | circus 

A special dinner at an unusual time....

An adventure in which you will be surprised by new techniques,
flavors, scents and textures during a five course raw, vegan, black & white dinner. 

Leaving out meat, fish, dairy products and conventional preparation techniques
is not a limitation but a source for creativity and innovation! 

And what influence do time and biorhythm have on our sensory perception?

- inspired on the book 'The Night Circus'  by Erin Morgenstern. 


Why a midnight raw vegan, black & white diner? 

More info coming soon! 







Fragments mysterious Night Dinners
- from ' The Night Circus'  by Erin Morgenstern

At dinner, which begins promptly at midnight, each course is styled in black or white but bursts with color once pierced with forks or spoons, revealing layer upon layer of flavors.”

“Should a diner inquire as to the nature of a particular dish, question of the origin of a bite or a seasoning, a flavor she cannot put her finger on (for even those with the most refined of palates can never identify each and every flavor), she will not be met with a satisfying answer.”

“Chandresh will remark that ‘the recipes belong to the chefs themselves and I am not one to deny them their privacy.’ The curious guest will return to the mysterious plate in front of her, perhaps remarking that, whatever the secrets, the dish is quite impressive, and continuing to wonder where the peculiar flavor might originate as she savors each bite with profound thoughtfulness.”

“In truth, Chandresh prefers not to know all the ingredients, not to understand each technique. He claims such ignorance gives each dish life, makes it more than the sum of its parts.