A selection of publications, interviews and broadcasts


- Follow up VPRO design serie ‘ De Toekomstbouwers’

> hoe is het nu met…

- VPRO design serie 'De Toekomstbouwers' 
> kijk aflevering Bas Timmermans & Chloé Rutzerveld
> kijk finale aflevering met Dave Hakkens, Manon van Hoeckel, Frank Kolkman en Chloé Rutzerveld


- 'Eigen groenten ontwerpen in Impulse' - WUR Resource
- NRC - Bloedworst met chocolade iemand? 
- Volvo Design Rides - Autovandaag
- Next Nature Network - Design Your Own Vegetables
- &C (AndSee) magazine October issue 
- Volkskrant - Plaatjes draaien met een bio-stroopwafel in je klusflat
- Dutch Design Daily - Dutch Design Award Nomination
- Jonge 100 creators award
- Trouw, DJ100
Hoogvliegers, Intermediair interview
- Parool Generation 2017 jan'17
- 24 Kitchen 'Aan Tafel' afl. 6
- FRAME IMM Living Kitchen Cologne   
- METRO news - Artist in Residence '17 Future Farming
PAGE magazine, 05/2017
- Duurzame Dinsdag - STROOOP! 
- Catalogue FOOD REVOLUTION 5.0 MKG Hamburg
- Interview STROOOP! | Our Sugar Sweet Life blog
- ELLE - dé Dutch Designers van de toekomst
- Makezine


- Core77
- NOS | Stroopwafels van nevenstromen uit de groente industrie
- Never stand still, Nov. 
VPRO Daily Dosis Design afl. 2
- De Limburger 27 Oct. 
- ED | Eindhovens Dagblad 20 Oct. 
- ED online 
- Nederlands Dagblad 15 Oct. 
- Next Nature Network
- RTL Live television
- Omroep Brabant article + radio interview
- Vice Munchies UK
- Brainport 
- FoodTechBrainport
- De Limburger,  Newspaper article August 17
- Puurzaam magazine Gulpener bier
- Financieele Dagblad 'Keukenmachine die de keuken overbodig maakt' 
Financieele Dagblad 'Top 50 jonge ondernemende talenten' 
- Financieele Dagblad 'Chloé Rutzerveld maakt het voedsel van de toekomst'   
- Samsung 'Foodies on Tech' 
- Jovoto interview


DEZEEN 'Edible Growth in list best viewed videos of 2015' 
Dezeen Frontiers
- VICE the creators project
- One World
Chapeau magazine Euregio Prize RECIPROCITY
National Geographic 
ABC news
Dailymail UK
VOGUE Feb 2015
- Volkskrant
Bright Magazine 
VICE Munchies Brooklyn NY
FOUR magazine
VPRO schatgraven in de nieuwe wereld
Next Nature Network
- ARTE French television (meet the future meat) 
Dutch Design Daily 


- VPRO 'Dagelijkse Dosis Design' STROOOP!
- 24 kitchen
- NOS op 3
- Canal + 
RTL Live television
Booming Brabant  
VPRO schatgraven in de nieuwe wereld
- Dezeen Frontiers
- EO

Books that include my work
- Visionen Gestalten / Designing Visions 2017
- 3D printing, C.H. Beck
- The 3D Additivist Cookbook
- The Delicious, Gestalten, 2016
- Kweekvlees kookboek Next Nature Network
- 'Experimental Eating'  Black Dog Publishing


Mini Documentary about STROOOP! 
From land to syrupwaffle - by VPRO


In Vitro Me published in the In Vitro Meat Cookbook | Next Nature 

'45 recipes you cannot cook yet'

Using the format of the cookbook as a storytelling medium, the In Vitro Meat Cookbook is a visually stunning exploration of the new “food cultures” lab-grown meat might create. The In Vitro Meat Cookbook is just at home with your art, philosophy and science books as it is on your cookbook shelf. As the ultimate conversation starter about the future of food, it will redefine not just how you think about lab-grown meat, but how you think about the ways we produce meat right now. Rather than pushing an agenda, this book aims to inspire educated debate.

the other dinner - chloé-170.jpg

The Other Dinner published in 'Experimental Eating'  | by Black Dog Publishing UK 

Experimental Eating demonstrates how current creative collaborations are pushing the boudnaries of how we understand, experience and relate to food and the rituals of dining. The book encompasses unusual and cutting-edge foods, radical dining events, "kitchen laboratory" experiments, food sculptures and other documentation of transient moments that make up this field of experimentation.