eerste 'Anders Eten' sessies groot succes!

Op donderdag 4 juni en 18 juni vonden de eerste twee sessies van het Anders Eten evenement in het museum Boerhaave in Leiden plaats. Het waren twee intensieve maar hele leuke, inspirerende en gezellige middagen waarin er geëxperimenteerd, gediscussieerd en gegeten is. Nieuwe data worden binnenkort bekend gemaakt! 

Klik op de foto voor meer foto's. 

SXSW 2015 featuring The Other Dinner!

In 1,5 week I’ll be at SXSW 2015 together with Lucas Evers from Waag Society. We’ll be representing the Open Wetlab of Waag Society and talk about their activities and projects. Including the Other Dinner project which I did during my internship at the Open Wetlab in 2013. 

We’ll give a demonstration to show what what did and more importantly why we did it. 


A few weeks ago my aunt came across this picture in an old Quest. 

It’s a very interesting mushroom specie that only occurs in New Zeeland and looks exactly like the outside structure of Edible Growth!!

Family dinner

I’ve never been someone who liked gigantic birthday parties. Screaming over loud music, unable to talk to someone, drinking too much alcohol and eating fastfood..  I rather like to be with my close friends and family who I care about but do not see that often because I don’t live in Limburg anymore. So I decided to cook them a nice family meal as 'birthday party'.