Artist in Residence Rio de Janeiro

Directly after the Dutch Design Week I left to Rio de Janeiro for a creative residency at Museu do Amanhã. Together with the incredible lab team we managed to finish an amazing exhibition in just one month: Futuro Comestível, Protótipos para uma nova alimentação.

After the Future Food expo at the Wageningen University Campus earlier this year, this is my second solo expo. This time it’s centered around the Digestive Food project and the creation of an entirely new eating system based around the functioning of our digestive system. The basic project is from 2015, but during the residency I dived deeper into the alternative nutrient production and made prototypes of famous Brazilian dishes to show examples of how such a new capsuled eating system could look like.


Overview of the expo
• The left side explains the basics of the concept of encapsulating food in order of digestion.
•Inside the covers are 2 versions of a Feijoada (Brazilian dish) that show possible ways of how the food capsules could be clustered and consumed 🥢 (incl. newly designed cutlery)
• On the back of the space there is a stop-motion playing. That shows how to eat the new food with the cutlery.
• On the right wall we explain possible ways of alternative nutrient production. No longer do we grow potatoes, but straight up carbohydrates. 1. Through algae. Installation shows spirulina (protein), chlorella (carbohydrates), scenedesmus (lipids) 🌿🌱
• 2. Through fungi producing smuts. Prototypes show scenario’s for producing macro-nutrients on potato and corn 


Many thanks to the Dutch Embassy for making the residence possible. To Kitty Leerling who connected me with the museum, Lisa den Teuling who made the lovely illustrations and of course Marcela Sabino (director of the Lab) and the rest of the lab team (Yuri, Ricardo, Edwardo and Marina) for helping me with the creation and finalization of the expo.

(Photos Museum of Tomorrow | Guilherme Leporace)