The ability to inspire people with my passion and critical view on (future) food has become one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work. I have had the pleasure to speak at a large variety of conferences, schools and corporate events around the world. 

Topics | Future Food, Food Innovation, Food Design, Design x Technology x Science x Food, Supermarket of the Future, Creative Entrepreneurship
Languages | Dutch / English

Chloé represents surprising innovation in the field of nutrition, and talks between technology and culinary thinkers. Young, ambitious and excellently capable of expressing what she does. She provides our clients with a mountain of inspiration that they often continue thinking about months after the lecture or dinner-experience.
— Ruud Tompot, Fresh Forward

Upcoming lectures 2019:

- Rochewood experimental dinner lecture - 10/10/2019
- HortiHeroes - Utrecht University - 10/10/2019
- Talkshow Changemakers Cube Design Museum - 12/10/2019
- Creativity World Forum, Eindhoven - 23/10/2019
- Food Design Symposium Shanghai - 6/11/2019
- Moderator | DesignChewing talkshow, Rotterdam - 16/11/2019

Selection of events and conferences
I’ve had the pleasure to share my vision and work:

- Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland
- FOOD XX Women in Food, Cape Town, South Africa
- TEDx YYC, Calgary, Canada
- Global Innovator Conference Beijing, China
- Grand Speakers, Noordwijk Netherlands
- Sihra World Cuisine Summit, Lyon, France
- ColaborAmerica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Festival Path, São Paulo, Brazil
- ADE Green, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Food Art Film Festival, Maastricht, Netherlands
- Fifteen Seconds Festival, Graz, Austria
- SXSW, Texas, US
- Additive Manufacturing Summit, Singapore
- State University of New York, New Paltz, US
- Victoria & Albert Museum London, UK
- Seeds & Chips, Milan, Italy
- PRAHA, Brno, Czech Republic
- FADfest, Barcelona, Spain
- Food Inspiration Days, Veghel, Netherlands
- AgriFoodTech congress, Den Bosch, Netherlands
- ACT, ASN bank festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- FRAME at Living Kitchen IMM, Cologne, Germany

Working with Chloé means working with potential and passion. It’s an absolute must to have people like Chloé to break the current routines and innovate with new technologies, cooking methods, and applications for the market. Full of love and passion she presents her work.
— Rutger Büch, Cirkelstad
The richness of your interventions made the success of this edition. Thank you for sharing your journey and discoveries with generosity and emotion.
— Frédéric Loeb, director Sirha World Cuisine Summit

TEDx Calgary 2015 | Food Designer Chloé Rutzerveld is not impressed by the current 3D food printing hype in which the printers are basically being used as shaping machines to transform chocolate and sugar into fancy shapes.