Eating Experience @ award ceremony Gouden Bordjes 2016

Floating conceptual tasting session on golden plates, with golden helium balloons | Presentation about future food related to healthcare | 150 visitors   

Commissioned by Gouden Bordjes, D'Article. The Hague 2016

FOOD EXPERIENCE Award ceremony Golden Plates

On June 30, for the fifth time, golden, silver and bronze plates were awarded to health facilities in The Hague by Chef Pierre Wind and agency D’article.
The color of the plate matches the quality and flavor of the dishes they serve to the elderly people living there. 

For this festivity I was asked to give a presentation about future food related to healthcare and to create an exciting eating experience related to
one of my future food projects: Digestive Food. 


Eating experience

Because the whole event was about the Golden Plates, of course they needed to be integrated in the experience! During the presentation I explained more about the Digestive Food project and how the food will be build up in order of digestion to enhance our digestive track and reduce food waste from the inside out. The conceptual appetizer I made was build up in these layers as well. Strawberry for the carbohydrate, mascarpone for the protein and nut for the lipid. Of course it’s a visualization of the encapsulated food, because almost all of our food exists out of two nutrient groups. 

The appetizers were placed on small golden plates that were connected with strings to the golden helium balloons. Attached a two sided memo with an explanation of the concept on one side and the logo of the golden plates on the other side. 



In the healthcare sector food innovation is very important, as food can be a strong medicine to cure and activate people from the inside out! So how can we use technology to enhance the sensory perception of elderly to create the same pleasant eating experience they had when they were younger? How to make smart use of the pleasant and powerful culinary scent memories they have? How to create a more social eating environment?
Due to social, physical or mental issues, many elderly people become malnourished - these food innovations could possibly prevent malnutrition. 

> functional foods | integration new technologies | role of robots in healthcare