Food Futures

Food Futures is a book for our time, and for the years to come. It inspires us to explore the unexpected places innovation will take us if we combine the rigor of scientific inquiry with the reflective nature of art. Chloé’s work asks each of us to think beyond what we know today, to imagine what might be tomorrow. This book is an important read for anyone interested in food innovation and food systems change.
— Rebecca Chesney, Former Research Director at the Food Futures Lab at the Institute for the Future.
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Food Futures (2018)
How Design and Technology can Reshape our Food System

Food Futures is a collection of speculative scenarios that investigate and explore the uncharted possibilities associated with food technologies, and how we can harness these technologies to make our food more efficient, healthy and sustainable.

Richly illustrated and vividly narrated from personal experiences, this book contains six chapters—each complemented by stimulating questions, anecdotes and thoughts—designed to work up your appetite. Because “learning by doing” yields better results than passive reading, each chapter contains DIY experiments or recipes which will allow you to experience the food futures at your fingertips!


Text, design | Chloé Rutzerveld
Artwork | Studio Lisa
Edited | Ruben Baart
Proofreading | Jack Caulfield
Published by BIS Publishers


Food Futures is provocative, bold and playful. Chloé Rutzerveld very bravely kicks open doors that others would rather keep under lock and key. Moreover, it offers new insights when it comes to efficient, healthy and sustainable food production. The recipes are different from those from an average cookbook; think mouse liver parfait bonbons and instructions for DIY cultured meat. You probably don’t have many ingredients from the recipes within reach. But yes, who knows in the future.
— Laura de Grave, reviewer for