Article in newspaper de Limburger

When I woke up this morning and looked at my phone, I received so many messages and images from friends, family and relatives from back home in Landgraaf, all saying the same: Chloé! You're in the newspaper! 
So in case you can read Dutch; I tried to make a good printscreen from the PFD below :) 

The Materials Farm @ FADfest 2016, Barcelona

Project 'The Materials Farm' @ FADfest 2016, Barcelona - in collaboration with Materfad Barcelona and Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam. 

Donderdag is het al zover! Ik mag dan samen met 2 andere Nederlandse ontwerpers en het Nieuwe Instituut naar Barcelona voor FADfest 2016!

Als onderdeel van het project 'The Materials Farm' gaan we met lokale en internationale ontwerpers en onderzoekers aan de slag om nieuwe materialen te creëren vanuit reststromen. Aangevuld met presentaties, een publiek debat, expositie, en no-waste lunch voor 900 man afkomstig van niet verkochte producten van de grootste markt in Barcelona -


Visiting Notes on Creativity, Ferran Adria @ Marres, Maastricht

It was about time..

This afternoon I went to Marres to check out the Ferran Adrià expo.
His drawing skills resemble those of a four year old, but it’s amazing to see how they are the seeds of something new (techniques, flavors, textures, cutlery or plates) 

It’s difficult to understand his train of thoughts from his Spanish notes, but I guess with a little explanation from him it’s crystal clear for his chefs. 

Certainly an interesting expo, including the El Bulli documentary ‘Cooking in Progress’ that was showed.